Crafting an Old Money Aesthetic Wedding

A key trend that is blowing up on social media right now when it comes to weddings is the old money aesthetic. We now have so many brides coming in looking to curate their wedding day so that it exudes timeless elegance and classic charm. Here at Boutique Of Dreams we personally love the  the “old money” style, which for us conjures images of opulence, heritage, and refined taste. If you’re considering this theme for your wedding , here are some ideas to help you bring the sophistication of old money to your special day, with a special focus on the dress, because we would want you to focus on that!

Crafting an Old Money Aesthetic Wedding – What to think about:

1. Venue Selection

   To set the stage for an old money aesthetic wedding, the venue is paramount. If you want to ooze class and sophistication, then you want to opt for historic locations such as country estates, stately homes, or grand manors. These venues often have stunning architecture, lush gardens, and a sense of aristocratic heritage that will perfectly complement your theme. Here in Norfolk we absolutely love Pentney Abbey for its timeless glamour and old money grandeur.

2. Sophisticated Invitations

   When you have chosen your date and venue you will want to let your guests know all about the big day, and if you want to exude that “oh we inherited this level of style” then you will want to wow your guests with stunning invitations to truly set the scene.  Choosing classic fonts and designs reminiscent of old-world elegance, that incorporate those little details that make all the difference (we are thinking wax seals and delicate calligraphy) coupled with a classic colour palette, you’ll reflect the timeless charm of old money.

These timeless wedding invitations from With Love Weddings exude the old money aesthetic

3. It is all about the outfits…

For the bride, you want a gown that provides the perfect balance of detail and simplicity. You don’t want anything too gaudy, too brash or too sexy – although sensual is definitely a vibe you want to channel.

Look for dresses with exquisite structure and fabrication that will capture the essence of old money elegance. You will want a dress that will translate well for the evening celebration as well as for the big day, and that is where we here at Boutique Of Dreams have the perfect collection for you. With designs from leading international designers such as Eva Lendel and Miss Chloe as well as our own private collection which we can personally select for you, if you are looking to find a wedding dress with the old money aesthetic then we are the luxury boutique for you. Take a look at some of these old money wedding dress styles and book your appointment… Don’t worry if you are travelling from outside Norfolk, we have dedicated parking and refreshments at the ready – you can enjoy your exclusive use (yes that means you are the only bride selecting their dress in the boutique) appointment to find your dream dress…

When talking about the old money aesthetic when it comes to attire we cannot forget the groom! British old money style would typically default to the traditional morning suit – and we have yet to find a groom that doesn’t look handsome in top hat and tails! A more modern approach to old money is to exude that Hollywood glam vibe – with black tie attire making a classy and dramatic impact.

4. Traditional Flowers

By sticking to classic and timeless flowers like roses, peonies, and lilies for your floral arrangements, and incorporating organic greenery with soft, muted colours you can achieve a sophisticated and refined look that is totally in-keeping with the old money aesthetic. For old money vibes then the more flowers the better – abundance is key. As you wont be using more modern décor items if you want to stay true to the old money vibe then florals are a key way to create that luxury ambiance.

5. Fine Dining

The menu is so important when you want to create a timeless vibe for your wedding. Create a menu that reflects the culinary tastes of old money society. Opt for a sit-down dinner with multiple courses and include dishes like roasted meats, fine cheeses, and decadent desserts. Pair it with a selection of vintage wines and champagne for a truly luxurious dining experience. Oh and can you invite us too because we are totally up for this type of celebration!

Oxfordshire luxury wedding cake artisan Kate Roche specialises in Italian inspired wedding cakes across the UK and Europe and she has seen a big rise in demand for wedding cakes that exude that old money look.  “Traditional styles with modern flavours are in real demand from couples for 2024 and 2025 weddings. I love to be able to create showstopper tiered wedding cakes with indulgent flavours that delight all the senses. The old money aesthetic is completely my vibe – long may it stay!”

Image courtesy of Chloe Ely Photography

6. Live Music

If you want to enhance the overall ambiance then your choice of live music can be a gamechanger. A string quartet or a jazz band can provide the perfect soundtrack for your old money wedding. Their melodies will transport your guests to a bygone era of elegance and refinement!


7. Classic Transportation

  If you want to look like your family have been high society for may generations, then how you arrive and depart is a key consideration (and beautiful photo opp!). Consider hiring classic cars or horse-drawn carriages to whisk you away to and from the venue. It’s a touch of extravagance that will leave a lasting impression.

8. Personalised Details

   Infuse your personalities into the old money aesthetic by adding personalised details. You can create bespoke wedding favours, incorporate decadent moments such as a champagne tower or even have monogrammed napkins on the tables. Old money is not necessarily about being over the top, but being careful and considered with all of the elements of your big day (but there is nothing to stop you incorporating some frippery if you really love it!).

9. Timeless Photography

Choose a photographer who specialises in capturing the timeless beauty of weddings. Black and white photography, along with candid shots that convey genuine emotion will be treasured memories of your day. Your choice of photographer is so important for capturing the essence of your big day – for “old money” you want to ensure the mood and tone of the images reflects your style and the overall aesthetic.

Crafting an Old Money Aesthetic Wedding

Creating an old money aesthetic wedding here in the UK is all about embracing timeless elegance, tradition, and sophistication. From selecting the perfect venue to selecting your perfect dress, each element should exude the opulence of a bygone era. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, you can craft a wedding day that feels like a glimpse into the world of old money aristocracy, leaving you and your guests with cherished memories of a truly exquisite celebration. Ready to find that dream dress? We can help…

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