For full on drama with timeless elegance, this incredible Mikado wedding A-line gown is the ultimate in sophistication and glamour. Prices in the range start from £1699. Book your appointment today to come and try the Malwa in the boutique…

Malwa 4
The Best Wedding Dress Styles for Mature Brides in 2024

Eva Lendel Malwa


Modern Magnificence

To create the ultimate statement, the Eva Lendel Malwa gown completely over delivers every time. From the classic silhouette to the modern fabrication, the structure of the gown will inspire confidence and the draping will unlock that inner movie star…

Multiple Dimensions

The 3D applique floral embellishments add another dimension to this already multi-dimensional wedding dress that is flattering for all body shapes, allowing you to create an impeccable aesthetic for statement weddings.

Timeless Elegance

There is a royal nuance to this gorgeous A-line gown that makes it a timeless choice that will render your look completely unforgettable.

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