How much should you spend on your wedding dress?

There is one question that few brides want to ask out loud but want and need to know…how much should you spend on your wedding dress? Here at Boutique Of Dreams we thought we would explore the topic openly to help you with making an informed decision – so you can then just focus on getting excited about your dress! 

When putting together your wedding budget it’s important that you have a good understanding of what things are going to cost so you are not surprised or disappointed. Let’s explore the two key things to consider with how much to spend on your wedding dress…

How much should you spend on your wedding dress? what to consider...

1. personal preference

For some brides it’s all about the dress and for others it can be all about the venue, or the cake, or whatever else tickles their fancy. Personal preference plays a huge part in how much you should spend on your wedding dress.

There are wedding dresses starting at online retailers from very little through to Serena Williams spending a whopping 3.5 million dollars on hers so there really isn’t a hard and fast answer.

Serena Williams Alexander McQueen wedding dress reportedly cost $3.5m dollars. Image credit: Unknown

2: Style

The amount of investment you’ll need to make in your dress will definitely be influenced by the style and design that you want to create for your big day. 

If you want a dress that has a lot of lace, embellishments and sparkle (check out our Eva Lendel range if this is your vibe!) then your dress may require more investment. An important thing to think about too is how mass produced the dress is – this can have an impact on price (and quality!)

If you are looking for something that not everyone has seen already, we stock a range of fabulous designers here at our Norwich boutique with prices from £1500 to £3500. Focussing on romantic elegance, our dresses are for brides that know their mind and want to create those unforgettable memories with their look on the day. You can visit us from wherever you are in the UK as we have a stunning out of town boutique with plenty of parking and sole use of the bridal suite for you and your guests to have an amazing wedding dress shopping experience. 

We are one of the only stockists of Melrose Bridal in the UK. View the range and book to try at our sole use bridal suite based in Norwich

how much should you spend on your wedding dress?

Overall the key thing is that no one can tell you what’s the most important element of your wedding. It’s down to you as a couple to look at what your priorities are and let that inform your choices on how much to invest in your gown. Here’s a couple of tips for when it comes to dress shopping and money:

  • Decide on your budget before your appointment. Make sure you communicate it to your entourage so they can support you with that during your shopping experience. 
  • Speak to your stylist about your budget and let them use their expertise to select the best dresses for you to try based on your preferences and budget. 
  • Don’t try on dresses outside of your budget. It’s just heartache waiting to happen! 
  • Don’t forget to factor in any alterations that the gown may need and if there is an alteration service available (we have an on site seamstress here at BOD which is really handy) 
  • Check that your bridal boutique doesn’t have any extra hidden costs, like dress storage for example.

Regardless of how much you want to spend on your wedding dress you should be made to feel incredible at your wedding appointment. That’s what we focus on here at the boutique – making you feel amazing and empowered to find the dress of your dreams. Maybe a trip to Norwich to come and see us to find your wedding gown should be on the cards? We would love to see you… 


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