How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable occasions of your life, and finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the most important parts of the process. As a bride you deserve to feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable on your special day, and one key aspect of achieving this is selecting a dress that complements your unique body shape. In this article, we will guide you through the process of finding the perfect wedding dress that enhances your best features and makes you feel like your best self. If you are looking for a dress buying experience that puts you at the heart of everything then why not come and visit us at our exclusive use Norwich bridal boutique? We have a range of designers that have dresses to suit every body shape so that you can find the gown of your dreams…

How to find the perfect wedding dress for your body shape – start with understanding Your Body Shape

Before diving into the world of wedding dress shopping, it’s handy to understand your body shape. While every individual is unique, there are several common body shapes that can serve as a starting point for selecting the right dress silhouette:

  1. Pear Shape: If you have a smaller upper body and gorgeous wider hips, you likely have a pear-shaped figure.
  2. Hourglass Shape: An hourglass figure typically features that dreamy cinched in waistline with balanced bust and hips.
  3. Apple Shape: This body shape is characterized by a beautiful fuller bust and midsection.
  4. Rectangle Shape: If your bust, waist, and hips have similar measurements making you look absolutely stunning, then you may have a rectangle-shaped figure.
  5. Petite: Petite brides are generally perfectly smaller in proportion – which may require specific dress alterations or petite-friendly designs.
  6. Plus Size: Plus-size brides have wonderfully unique needs when it comes to dress selection, finding that showstopper that is going to highlight those amazing curves.

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape – the Pear Shape

For the pear shape bride you want to celebrate those curves and accentuate that tiny waist of yours! You may be a bit conscious of your hips and bum, but do not worry, with a beautiful A-line design or princess silhouette you can highlight all of the elements of your figure that you love. Our strapless and plunging v-neck gowns that we have in our current range from Melrose Bridal give you an opportunity to draw attention to your decolletage and beautiful shoulders. Check out these for example:

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape – the Hour Glass

If you are lucky enough to be shaped like a Coca-Cola bottle then not only are we insanely jealous, we also cant wait to see you in the latest mermaid and fit-and-flare styles that are going to accentuate your curves and emphasise your waist. Consider trying styles with structured bodices and sweetheart or V-necklines to add even more drama so you can ooze that Hollywood glamour – which is a key wedding dress trend for 2024.

The Eva Lendel range has some absolutely stunning dresses that are a perfect fit for the hour glass shape – it is well worth a visit to come and see us to try on these gorgeous gowns.

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape – the Apple Shape

If you are conscious of your bust and tummy then you want styles which will help you to elongate your torso and bring out those beautiful curves. The A-line styles available from Jessica Couture, Eva Lendel and Melrose Bridal are fabulous for the apple shaped bride – we love these styles that we have in the boutique at the moment:

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape – the Rectangle

It is all about the details for the women that want to create shape and definition, bringing out the beauty of your silhouette. Your shape is absolutely perfect for a sheath dress, with plunging necklines and embellishments adding dimension to your silhouette. With your shape you afford to experiment – so get exploring, trying and see what makes you feel amazing – just like this Miss Chloe Savannah gown…

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape – Petite

If you benefit from having a gorgeous petite frame but you are conscious of feeling swamped by your wedding dress, then you probably want to opt for a style that will help to bring out your best features whilst not overpowering. A-line silhouettes and sheath styles are natural choices, as they can give you all of the drama without overshadowing you as a bride.

The Jessica Couture Sahima Dress is a beautiful choice for petite brides

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape – Plus Size

We love a curvy bride here at Boutique Of Dreams! The sky is the limit that’s what we say – do not let yourself be curtailed by style tradition or thinking you need to cover up. Our dresses are available in all sizes including plus size, so when you come to visit us you can explore to your hearts content and find the dress of your dreams. If you want to create balance then an A-line or princess style gown will give you the silhouette of a Disney princess, or if you want to channel your inner movie star then the sheath styles of Eva Lendel will totally accentuate your curves.

Curvy brides can be celebrated in all silhouettes!

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

Finding the perfect wedding dress for your body shape is an exciting journey that should lead to you feeling extraordinary on your wedding day. Remember, these tips are just guidelines, and ultimately, the dress that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable is the one you should choose. Follow your heart, consult with your bridal stylist and have the best time finding your dream dress…

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