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When you are choosing your wedding dress you want the experience to be unforgettable – and that is what we specialise in here at Boutique Of Dreams.

Nestled in the Norfolk countryside just outside of Norwich you will escape the hustle and bustle to embark on a relaxed and fun journey to find your perfect wedding dress from our exclusive collection. Let’s explore your Norwich wedding dress boutique experience…

Starting with the most important thing to remember…

It is all about you.



Your exclusive Norwich bridal shop experience includes:

  • Shopping from our collection of dreamy wedding dresses not available anywhere else in Norfolk
  • Full exclusive use of the bridal suite for your appointment for you and your loved ones to enjoy
  • A choice of gifts from our “Our Gift To You” area when you find your dream dress
  • 2 hours of undivided attention and guidance – where it is all about you!

There is a small investment for your bridal appointment of £25 to secure you that perfect experience. Lets get your appointment secured…




Meet + Greet

The warmest of welcomes awaits you at the boutique; where your dedicated expert stylist will greet you and familiarise you with your surroundings with a full range of refreshments available – both non alcoholic or a little fizz if it takes your fancy! This is your Norwich Wedding Dress Shopping Experience. Let’s make it truly yours…



The boutique is yours for the duration of your appointment – there is no waiting line, competing entourages or overwhelming busy-ness that will interrupt your appointment or take the focus away from you and finding your perfect bridal style.



This is your appointment. Make it your own – if you want to try on lots of different styles before making your decision, then we will support and encourage your curiosity! If you know exactly what you want then we will help you to realise that dream too with expert styling advice.

Boutique of Dreams

Our Gold Collection


Dresses designed with you and your personality in mind. You’ll ooze confidence and feel so empowered by finding the gown that is just YOU.

Modern Details, Timeless Elegance

From the structure to the fabrication, our dresses are made with a modern, contemporary vibe that will give you that timelessly elegant aesthetic. 

Celebrating you, not a tik tok trend!

Your appointment is about you, and celebrating you in all your wonderfulness. It is not about jumping on every Tik Tok trend out there…

Bridal Appointment Love...


You can book your appointment up to 12 months in advance. You can book an appointment for the next day, week or month – view the latest availability here.

To get your ideal slot try to book in advance where possible; although we do get the odd cancellation (we normally share any last minute appointments on our Instagram)

We want to be welcoming as possible in the boutique – and we also want you to enjoy your experience without worrying about wandering little ones. With this in mind our policy is to say yes to children where there is someone that can adequately supervise them so you can enjoy your experience. We do ask that no prams or pushchairs are brought into the boutique.

Our boutique operates across two floors which means we have a downstairs salon available for accessible appointments. Please note that there are a small set of steps to enter the boutique. We will endeavour to support with any mobility concerns – please do contact us in advance to discuss making your appointment work for you. 

With regards to additional needs – we are a SEN friendly boutique. As you have dedicated access to the bridal suite this immediately reduces sensory overwhelm. In addition to this we can offer quiet appointments where we reduce the level of conversation, and we can make adjustments to lighting. Get in touch with us to discuss if you have SEN requirements.

Your appointment is yours and we want you to enjoy it exclusively. We ask that you don’t take reams of photos as this can be disruptive to your experience; however we understand if you want to take a snap of your favourite gown once you have confirmed your selection.

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in for your appointment whether that is your most treasured outfit that helps you to feel immaculate, or something more minimal.

The wedding planning process can be stressful enough without feeling a pressure to turn up to your bridal appointment with a dress code. The more comfortable you feel, the more you’ll be able to embrace the appointment and enjoy your dress discovery journey.

Please do not wear fake tan to your appointment as this could transfer onto the dresses.

We are proud to stock our own collection of gowns that bring you modern style and contemporary elegance – with gowns ranging from £1699 – £2499.

At this time we are not able to offer payment plans in the boutique. A great idea is to create a savings account and add monthly instalments into it – this will help you to spread the investment.

We are very proud to offer an in store alteration service here at Boutique Of Dreams. Check out our dedicated alterations page for more information.

Boutique of Dreams



We recommend you start your dress journey 12-18 months before the big day, to give enough time for ordering, fittings and alterations. We can still help you if you have less time than this though so don’t be put off from making contact and seeing how we can help.


We are an inclusive boutique that celebrates you. We stock sizes 10-24 – and can order further sizes  in the range of 0-30 across our exclusive collection. Relax with us – you are gorgeous and there’s a dress that will showcase that.


We’ve all watched the tv shows where the giant entourage is in tow with an often overwhelmed bride – in our opinion it doesn’t bode well for a great appointment as there are too many opinions. Bring your trusted circle, and let everyone else see you on the big day. The maximum number of guests is 5 but we recommend 2-3.